Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service

Too Green Cleaning Terms and Conditions will serve as an overview of what is expected of clients.



• Payment for cleaning services are due in full at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.

• Commercial clients are to submit payment as dictated in Proposal during enrollment in services.

• Deposits should be made as soon as possible.  Please understand that the deposit is what secures your appointments date and time.  All dates remain available to prospective clients until a deposit is made locking off a date and time.  (This does not apply to reoccurring clients whose reoccurring dates have already been set).

• A valid credit card/debit card must be on file in order to schedule and maintain ongoing services.

• Too Green Cleaning gladly accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. If alternate payment is needed please contact appoinments@toogreencleaning.com

• When signing up for recurring services, all initial cleans are at their normal price. Discounted rate for recurring services will automatically come into effect on your next booking.

• In the event a payment agreement is formed and invoice has been sent, Too Green reserves the right a late fee for any amount outstanding past due date. Late fee is 15% of the invoice total each month left unpaid. Customer is responsible for all collection costs (including attorney fees within reason) to collect overdue amounts.

Price Increases

Too Green Cleaning reserves the right to adjust client rates at any time. Client will be notified at least 30 days in advance prior to any price increases to service.

Scheduling and Service

• All appointments are subject to availability.  Any online appointment request made on a Friday after 3 pm will not be fulfilled on that weekend or upcoming Monday.  Only appointments booked with a live representative over the telephone.


All rescheduling requests made within 24 hours of appointment are subjected to a $20 fee.  All same day rescheduling will forfeit deposit made.

Skipped Cleanings & Cancellations 

• All appointment cancellations and rescheduling must be made at least 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid forfeit of full deposit made.

• All clients that cancel their appointment after 48 hours are not subject to refund.  They will receive a credit that will be valid for 6 months.  You may reschedule to a new date and time for an additional fee.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

• We go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your cleaning service. If you are dissatisfied with your cleaning service for any reason, please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment and will we have a team member sent to re-clean any areas of dissatisfaction, all at no cost to you.

• At the completion of each appointment our cleaners complete a walkthrough of the areas they’ve cleaned.  This will allow you an opportunity to review the areas cleaned and guarantee satisfaction.  Please keep in mind that our technicians do have time constraints when it comes to each visit.  This helps us stay on time for appointments.  All walkthroughs are given 15 minutes.  The 15-minute walk through will also cover areas not cleaned (so you are aware of exactly what was done.  Walk through does not allow for cleaning new areas.  If you would like additional areas cleaned more time will need to be purchased and this is dependent on your technician’s schedule for the day.

• If you choose to not complete this walk through or not home to complete it this will automatically forfeit the “Satisfaction Guarantee” unless otherwise stated.


If you would like us to clean items within curio cabinets or any items of value (sentimental or monetary) the following release of liability shall be applied:

• Customer hereby releases Too Green Cleaning from any and all liability that may arise when cleaning these items. The customer fully understands that he/she is completely and solely responsible for any repairs or replacement of damaged item or items even if Too Green may have caused the need for such repair or replacement.

• Too Green Cleaning recommends to place all important valuables in a safe box or location out of the range of cleaning.

Service Limitations

1.      Our cleaning team cannot move furniture over 15lbs (if handyman service calls for removal of larger objects discussed prior)

2.      Our cleaning technicians will lightly straighten up areas cleaned but, we do not handle the removal of knicknats from surfaces or picking up objects cluttering the floor. If areas such as surfaces and floors are cluttered at the time of appointment your cleaning technician will clean around those items

3.      Our cleaning technicians do not climb higher than a 2-step or 3-step ladder.

4.      If an area in a home is considered or has the potential to be considered biohazard, that area will not be cleaned. (This includes emptying/cleaning cat litter, human/animal excrement, mold, etc)

Entry into Home/Office

There are a few options for allowing your cleaning technician entry into your home.


1. You will be at the home at time of cleaning (someone is home to let technician in.)

2. You provide cleaning technician with a key or code to the property.

a. For your protection keys are kept in a safe location under lock and key. Key is not linked to any information pertaining to client.

b. In the event of termination of services key will be returned to the client within 48 hours of the final cleaning.

3. If a client chooses to leave their door or other point of entry open or key in a hidden location at the home, the client releases Too Green Cleaning of any liability that arises from damage made before or after our technicians leave the location. The client understands that they will be responsible for any damages caused prior to or after their scheduled appointment.

Employee Solicitation

When entering into an agreement for services with Too Green Cleaning, you agree to not solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Too Green Cleaning, this applies for any home-related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff or contractors please be advised that our referral/training fee is $2,5000 payable to Too Green Cleaning. This fee is due immediately upon employing any staff or contractor for services to your home/business. Any employee or contractor found complying will also be terminated.


Digital Media

On occasion our team will take before and after pictures of areas they are cleaning. Interior pictures will be for internal reference only. Interior pictures are focused on the room and/or damage we may find. Pictures are not focused on personal property unless damaged. If we decide to use pictures of your home, we may contact you as a courtesy but not required. At no point will any images include images of persons living in the home. We respect your right to privacy first and foremost.


If you will be present on the day of appointment, we ask that you arrive at the home 30 minutes prior to the appointment.  Our technicians will notify you when they are on their way for your appointment.  Typically, you will receive a text message when they are 30-45 minutes away. We allow a 10-minute grace period for clients.  Please keep in mind that each appointment is timed and you are allotted a specific amount of time for each appointment.  If the technician is unable to access your home or certain areas of your home this time is deducted from the total time allowed.  Please be present or have arrangements in place to allow your cleaner access to the property.  After 30 minutes of waiting our team will depart from the location and you will forfeit any deposits made. 


Please keep in mind our cleaning technicians provide all of the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment.  Some of this equipment may be heavy.  Our technicians must be able to access a parking space that is within a two to three-minute walk of your home.  Too Green Cleaning does not cover the cost of parking if there is no free street parking within the required distance.  Our cleaners are not allowed to pay for parking under any circumstances.  Upon arrival if there is no free parking available and you are not able to provide a parking pass or spot for the technician a “Parking Fee” will be added on to your invoice for service to cover the fee.  Please note refusal of the “Parking Fee” without a solution for parking on the day of appointment will result in a cancellation of appointment and forfeiture of deposit and charge for full appointment, (No refunds)