What we provide

Standard Cleaning

When deciding what the best type of cleaning is needed for your home ask yourself this. What is the current condition of my home? And when was the last time it was professionally cleaned?  We service a range of customers from first time parents to military veterans and can guarantee each property is different. Having a better understanding of what works best for each customer makes our job easy and yours easier.  We recommend standard cleanings for homes in good to fair condition that have been frequently maintained up to or more than once per week. Homes that are cleaned more often collect minimum dirt, debris, dust which minimizes work load and time.

Deep Cleaning

The next best option to ensure a cleaner, refreshed feeling in your space is to add deep cleaning to your basic cleaning. Adding this option to your cleaning will allow your technician to service those areas that require extra detail and time. If your property is in fair/poor condition, requires a more detailed cleaning or has not been professionally serviced within 1-3 months we’d recommend booking this service or our additional cleaning extras.

Move In/Out Cleaning

More than 15 million Americans move annually, meaning they are entering new locations that require thorough cleaning to reset the premises. When buying, renting or selling a property move in/out cleanings offer the best selection by servicing the inside and outside of appliances, cabinets, drawers, closets, pantries, etc. This is the cleaning makeover your home needs.